Restorative Massage

Best for: Anxiety, depression, fatigue

This massage is a deep reset for your body, mind, and spirit. You'll experience a profound state of peacefulness, taking you out of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, and into ease and joy. This is my signature offering, which draws mainly on Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage and Craniosacral Therapy. Each session is different, designed to meet your unique needs. Light/med pressure.

Integrative Massage

Best for: physical pain and tension

This massage is a blend of light and deep work to release the layers of built up muscle tension while also taking you into deep relaxation so you can find lasting relief from stress and pain. Each session is different, designed to meet your unique needs, and draws mainly on Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Gua Sha. Pressure ranges from light to deep throughout the session.

Prenatal Massage

Best for: mamas to be

Inspired by the deeply nourishing Restorative Massage, this is a loving offering designed to nurture mama and baby. Each session is unique to your needs, and special considerations are made to promote the health and vitality of you and your little being.

Craniosacral Therapy

Best for: trauma, tmj, migraines

A gentle healing modality that works with the subtle energy of the body and the central nervous system. Through light contact, the nervous system is stimulated into a parasympathetic (resting) response, bringing deep relaxation to the mind and body. The body begins to unwind, letting go of tension and trauma, and coming back to a state of balance. Your nervous system gets reprogrammed, making you more resilient to stress and leaving you with a deep sense of well-being.


Best for: grief, feeling stuck, emotional pain

Reiki is a form of hands on healing, sometimes also done hands off above the body. Reiki moves pure life force energy through your body, illuminating and reprogramming all of your cells to bring you back to your natural state of well being.